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12 days follow up at 4°C, ambient RH

Ancient Knowledge, Futuristic Technology

LiVA’s patented pre-biotic blend creates the optimal environment to promote good bacteria growth,
while delaying other pathogens.

LiVA™ fights food spoilage using
the natural act
of good bacteria

Liva Sticker


Four days follow-up at ambient room temperature

Our Blend

How does it work?

Good bacteria inhibits the growth of fungus.

These bacteria were found effective against 23 plant pathogens.

Liva Sticker
Petri Dish with Good and Bad Bacteria

Good Bacteria



True Spoilage Protection

Extending fresh produce shelf-life by at least 100%

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From Field to Fridge

Solution for long distance
transportation and reducing
waste at the last mile

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Flexible application

LiVA is effective in various temperatures and under humidity and oxygen presence

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Enjoy Great Taste

LiVA keeps natural taste and preserves nutritional values

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One Formulation Fits All

LiVA was found effective with various fresh foods like bread, yellow cheese, avocado, lettuce and more.

One Formulation

How does LiVA™ help the world?

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Reduce food waste

Provide longer shelf-life at the last mile


Reduce CO₂ emissions

Promote effective storage and transportation


Reduce chemicals

Replace common aggressive treatments


Promote eco-friendly packaging

No need for high barrier packaging

Girl with fresh strawberry in the field
Test LiVA

Want to Test LiVA?

We invite large-scale fresh produce exporters of strawberries, table grapes and tomatoes to test LiVA and help us reduce food waste.

We invite you to fill out the form so we look for qualification.

Let’s combat food waste together!

Grower? Distributor?

Please contact using this form

Thank you for applying!

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