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Disruptive Technology 

LiVA® is a startup company developing smart bio-preservation and bio-control solutions for food shelf-life extension and crop protection.

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Our Mission  

Using natural preservation technology to transform the way we handle and consume fresh food.

The market for the natural preservation of fresh produce is booming.

The need today is more urgent than ever with the increasing demand to reduce toxic chemical residues. 

Although the market is saturated with many players, many of them are focused on physiological protection, while existing solutions for microbial spoilage are either expensive or limited with the scope of veggies they handle and their efficacy.

Our goal is to reduce dependence on chemicals, packaging, and a cold supply chain. This will open up a new horizon to friendlier packaging materials and reduce energy consumption during storage and transportation.


How does it work?  

We stimulate the growth of human-friendly bacteria with our 100% natural-based technology


 Our "Know-How"
Unique Blend

LiVA's patent-pending blends contain food-grade ingredients secured in a smart sachet or a smart gel capsule.

The Magic Happens 

We encourage the selective growth of designated human-friendly bacteria naturally present on the product or its surroundings.


 Spreading Evenly 

The good bacteria spread evenly outside of the carrier through water vapours at the expense of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms.

The blend never comes in direct contact with the food.

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Patent Pending  

LiVA® extends shelf-life by at least 100%.
Here are just a few examples:

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 A Broad Range of Applications & Benefits 

LiVA's solution is smart, flexible and adjustable to various applications:

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Improves yields,
Protects from diseases,
Reduces antimicrobial resistance.

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 Fresh Produce 

Prolongs shelf life by up to 100% depending on crop type.

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Reduces dependence on preservatives, packaging materials, formulation design, or a cold supply chain.

 Processed Fresh Food 

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