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LiVA Product:
A Prebiotic Blend

Stimulates good bacteria growth naturally and selectively, without using live bacteria.


Ancient Knowledge, Futuristic Technology

The Secret of Human-Friendly Bacteria

LiVA® Technology:

Reduces chemicals use

Extends produce shelf-life

Increases quality

Preserves nutrients


Fresh Food Producers


Consumers demand healthier and eco-friendly fresh foods. Current solutions are limited and negatively affect price, safety and sensorial properties.


We offer reduced dependence on chemical preservatives, packaging, formulation design and cold supply chain, without compromising taste and enabling e-free clean labels.


By allowing to reduce storage requirements, we will also save on refrigeration costs.

To retailers, food waste bares a heavy toll in both profit loss and consumer reputation. We call it “the last mile problem”, which is also more crucial in terms of economic and environmental value, compared with the beginning of the supply chain.


To them, we offer up to 4 folds more spoilage-free fresh foods, which will also improve overall sales.





No one likes a bad strawberry bought only 2 days ago. Consumers take the time and effort to minimize food loss and wasted funds when buying supplies.


Our “magic sticker” can extend consumption time for a few days at the minimum. It can be applied inside the food package upon buying or as soon as it is open and extend consumption and good flavor for a few days at the minimum.

One Solution to Many Challenges

 Crop Growers 


Farmers face growing restrictions and regulations on chemical agent residues and pathogens.


To them, we offer natural and efficient protection at affordable costs.

Many phytopathogens develop antimicrobial resistance against fungicides and bactericides through genetic changes due to stress. Using LiVA will help them reduce antimicrobial resistance issues.

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