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Food Protection Throughout the Entire Value Chain

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 LiVA's Innovation 

LiVA technology extends shelf life by stimulating the growth of human-friendly bacteria, which are naturally present in the product or its surroundings.

Our patent-pending blends contain food-grade ingredients which encourage the growth of designated beneficial bacteria while eliminating other undesired microorganisms.

LiVA blends are secured in smart sachets or gel capsules. They can be used as standalone devices or in attachment to the packaging material with a designated adhesive label.

When added into food packs or into the soil, beneficial bacteria grow naturally and selectively inside the blend and continue to spread outside through water vapours at the expense of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, the nutrient blend remains physically separated.

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  Multiple Benefits of LiVA  

 Crop Growers 


Fungicide reduction,

Yield improvement,

Protection from disease, Antimicrobial resistance reduction.

Farmers are facing growing restrictions and regulations on chemical agent residues and pathogens. Liva offers natural protection at affordable costs.

Nevertheless, many phytopathogens develop antimicrobial resistance against fungicides and bactericides through genetic changes due to stress.


As Liva's technology is not designed to kill bacteria but to manipulate the microbiome inside the soil it reduces antimicrobial resistance problems.

 Fresh Produce Distributors 


Extends shelf-life by up to 100%.

Prevention of decay and spoilage causing microorganisms of fruits and vegetables is a critical factor in maintaining the quality and freshness of fresh produce and providing flexibility across the entire supply chain. Shelf-life extension of up to 100% depending on crop type will provide them more flexibility in the supply chain and reduce product losses.


In addition, Liva is efficient at room temperature and allows to store the produce at higher temperatures, thus saving on costs during cold storage and transportation.

Processed Fresh Food Manufactures


Reduced dependence on chemical preservatives, packaging materials,

formulation design and cold supply chain.

Consumers are looking for healthy and environment-friendly fresh foods. Current solutions are limited and negatively affect price, safety, or sensorial properties.

Liva provides more flexibility in product design and will enable food manufacturers to reduce packaging materials and chemical preservatives and design products which are closer in their properties to fresh homemade foods.


The technology can enable the distribution of prebagged salads at room temperature at ambient conditions using a plastic pack with reduced thickness.

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  LiVA Advantages  

✓ Easy to Handle 

To enjoy LiVA solution, there is no need for special equipment or adjustments in the packing house.

✓ Spectrum of Activities 

LiVA solution targets a variety of microorganisms; bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

✓ Non-Toxic 

Liva is 100% natural.

The sachet contains food grades ingredients only.

✓ Spectrum of Applications 

LiVA technology is applicable for fruits and vegetables. In the future, we will serve chilled food and crop as well. 

✓ Cost-Efficient 

Liva is offered at an affordable price, cheaper than any other solution on the market.

✓ Efficient at Room Temp.

LiVA provides more flexibility in product design and distribution. 

Lowering the temperature by even 2 celsius only can dramatically improve financial results.  

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