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 Disruptive Technology 


Food protection throughout the entire value chain

At LiVA startup company we develop smart bio-preservation and bio-control solutions for food shelf-life extension and crop protection.

The Inspiration

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A probiotic supplement and a jar of pickles.

The use of live bacteria for crops and food protection has been known for many years. Still, its application is limited due to high costs and strict handling procedures required to maintain their viability. Liva has found a way to overcome this challenge by naturally stimulating their growth instead of incorporating them as live cultures.

Several years ago, a bottle of a probiotic supplement caught the eyes of our founder and innovator, Miss Ifat Hammer. 

She began to wonder - if probiotics can protect our gut from disease-causing bacteria, why can't they protect our foods?


Apparently, probiotics are well known for their preservation capabilities, but they are expensive and require strict handling procedures

The idea behind Liva is that instead of adding the bacteria live, our technology stimulates their growth naturally, just like we do with pickles where lactic acid bacteria grow spontaneously under optimal conditions.


And this is the essence of Liva.

Simple and yet smart.

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 Our Team 

Visionaries with years of experience in their fields and in the food-tech industry

We aim to build a strong and innovative company that does good to the world and promotes values of equality


 “Everything is possible unless you scientifically prove otherwise”  

Ifat Hammer  Bs.c, MBA

Co-Founder, CTO

Formulation expert, holding several related patents. Throughout her career, Ifat coped with preservation challenges, which led and inspired her to establish LiVA.


 “The numbers never lie, but people don’t always listen”  

Ifat Peled-Dinstag CPA, MBA

Co-Founder, CEO

Financial strategist and business coach with an in-depth understanding of marketing and finance combined. 

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